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Environmental Policy


Working with our sister company, Silverchilli, we are keen to ensure that we do our bit for the environment and that we consider it throughout our business activities. Notably there are things we can do to neutralise the carbon that our business creates through international deliveries, and we can choose our packaging carefully to ensure that it is as environmentally friendly as possible.

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Fair Trade Policy

PlanetSilverchilli is working towards Fair Trade ethics in a number of ways.

PlanetSilverchilli pay 50% in advance on all orders to help fund raw materials, so the producers are never out of pocket. PlanetSilverchilli pay the remaining 50% on delivery. PlanetSilverchilliā€™s work is vital to the welfare and development of the families of the producers of whom we directly work with.

PlanetSilverchilli is also pleased to be a member of the British Association of Fair Trade Shops, an organization that checks our Fair Trade credentials each year before renewing our membership for the following year.